Ziah is about looking within: an endless search for the elegance and subtle strength that exists in femininity.

Like a true classic, it resists the nuances of time. Ziah imprints timelessness in its pieces, navigating between a nostalgic past and an aspiring future, found afloat, somewhere amidst the sea and the city.

A call for acceptance - of the self and of others, Ziah carries in itself the voice of authentic expression. We are wearable poetry, allowing the barest form of yourself to seep through.



Ziah is led by Erika Toscano, a woman, mother and creator. A native of Brazil, she currently lives in Byron Bay, where she manages the label on her on own.  A lover of the arts and culture, she is constantly exploring her femininity and looking to social movements as inspiration for the thoughtful creations of Ziah.