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in this space, we could write about our collection and the inspirations behind it. instead, we choose to write about what instigated it: WOMEN. after all, our creations would not exist were it not for women.

and just as you, women, stir us, we hope to stir you, women, to be YOURSELVES - wholly and unapolegetically. it may be necessary to first go within and discover the woman you are - or the woman you wish to be. but, whoever she may be, say YES to HER. embrace her. accept her. be her. 


rather than merely dressing you, our collection attempts to MOVE you. to stir CHANGE within. to draw your closer to YOURSELF. before finding COMFORT in our creations, we hope you will find comfort in your very own SKIN. 

while our swimwear will inherently expose the REAL you to the world, its neutrality & classic design will adjust to you, becoming a blank CANVAS for your ever-changing story.


part of being a woman is understanding that there are many women within us. and, the moment you understand the woman in you, you may find that she has changed. matured. become another woman. 

amidst this journey into yourself, we leave you with this manifesto and a flower - our movement's flower, the PROTEA. it is the ultimate symbol of FEMININITY and CREATION. of BIRTH and REBIRTH. 

just like the protea, you will MATURE into one form; WILT into another; GROW into something else. and so on and so forth. this is the trans-mutative power of women. and we, ZIAH, wish to celebrate this power and, above all, celebrate you - the most authentic, ever-evolving you.



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