This Cancer season is an opportunity to lean in to softness and receptivity.
The mantra for Cancer is ‘I Feel’ and its objective is to maintain emotional security.  The current themes are related to slowing down and encourage self nurture so that we are in a more grounded and peaceful place in which to hear the messages of our inner voice.  In a world that hero’s efficiency and productivity, we can so often get caught up in a momentum that pushes us beyond our limits and disconnects us from our instinctual needs. 


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Can you use this Cancer season to prioritise rest and self care? 
When we are able to lean into a more restful state, it is from that place that our emotions finally feel safe to shift and the nervous system can heal. 
As we transition from Gemini season - an energy that was all about outward expression, mental stimulus and social connections, we are now turning the volume down and moving into a cocooned state. 

Cancer is a water sign ruled by the Moon. Its archetypal energy is related to the mother/nurturer, the creative, the intuitive and deep feeler. The idea here is to embody these energetics and incorporate practices that connect us to the more watery feminine aspects of our being.

Some suggestions to work with the themes of Cancer Season; 

Connecting to the water element - it is especially potent to submerge in salt water so ocean dips or adding Epsom salts to a bath are both great options. 
Cancer is related to the movement of body fluids so saunas or anything that gets the body moving will be helpful.
Cleansing your home space; Cancer needs a safe nest to retreat to, so as a self care ritual its a nice exercise to give your room / home a reset. 
Incorporating a mindfulness practice will feel especially powerful during this time - (mediation, journaling, walks in nature, working with oracle cards etc). 
To summarise, Cancer season is really all about filling your cup. Honouring your needs will feel empowered and will set your trajectory for the second half of the year.