Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our commitment to mindful manufacturing is built on the foundation of putting the environment and people at the forefront of all decisions. We are dedicated to making conscious and transparent choices across each stage of the production process to ensure we don’t compromise the environment. We are committed to creating well crafted sustainable swimwear and transeasonal clothing that will last you across seasons.

  • Our Swimwear and Apparel packaging is certified by TUV for social and ethical management, which aligns with our commitment to sustainable swimwear and responsible choices. This includes compostable poly bags, recyclable boxes, and recyclable swing tags and hygiene stickers.

  • Clothing made from Amni Soul Eco Biodegradable Polyamide and Econyl does not biodegrade from wear alone. The biodegradation of Amni Soul Eco Polyamide and Econyl primarily occurs under specific conditions, such as in well-controlled landfills, where it can decompose significantly faster than traditional polyamide materials. In everyday wear, our swimwear and clothing remains durable and functional, and its biodegradable properties only come into play when it’s disposed of in environments that support biodegradation.

  • Our commitment to slow fashion means we prioritise quality, durability, and sustainability. Our pieces are crafted with care, ensuring that your wardrobe is eco-conscious, ethically made, and built to last. Our transeasonal capsule collection allows for mix-and-match versatility across the seasons, simplifying your daily clothing choices and making your style truly your own.

  • Finding the right size is easy, we provide detailed sizing charts (link) to help you choose the right fit. If you have any questions or need more assistance, our customer support team is always ready to guide you in selecting the right fit.

  • We offer a range of style options from high waisted bikini bottoms to brazilian bikinis to suit a wide range of styles and preferences. Our collections include classic, high-leg, and cheeky cuts to match your own personal style.