In collaboration with those who inspire us at Ziah, discover our playlists. 

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Working to encompass the body, mind and spirit to help people become more in touch with their innate self, Grace has curated a playlist for Ziah's latest collection, Winter 23.



Gabriella Garcia's visual poetry evokes a mysterious and dream-like aura. Her works originate from a myriad of historical research and data, which together have created a movement dialectic between reality and illusion. Curated by Gabriella, this playlist features her favourite songs.



Ernie is a freelance art journalist that is always striving to create a life lived in art and looking. She writes large-form pieces with an interest in communicating across boundaries and art research.



Adam Munnings is a Tasmanian born, Berlin based film director, photographer, and co-founder / resident DJ of Lunchbox Candy a bi-monthly queer event series and creative collective. This collection of tracks are best enjoyed in a comfy recline or amongst fellow groovy godessess.