Resort 23

Resort 23’ explores the many forms that freedom can take. French philosopher and feminist Simone de Beauvoir famously said that “one is not born, but rather, becomes, a woman.” Through her conscious decisions and unconscious actions, women are always engaged in the process of re-invention — from moment to moment and gesture to gesture. True to Ziah’s signature style, Resort 23’ is a collection that lives its philosophy: that freedom is choosing who you want to be and moving within the world accordingly. Fearless in its silhouettes, and bold in its provocation, Resort 23’ takes cues from 90s and early Y2K styles that combines understated humility with an overt and unapologetic sensuality. Marking Ziah’s most experimental collection to date, Resort 23’ features handcrafted glass bead bikini tops, fine strap detailing, and playful, cut-out designs to be worn beyond the beach. Crafted from Ziah’s signature biodegradable fabrics, Resort23’ asks you when you feel most free, and then persuades you to earnestly live by it.

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